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In the tradition of the vanitas masters, Marnie White presents Vanity of Vanities in the Stephanie Chefas Projects Annex. Alternating between baroque hues and a striking naturalist aesthetic, White explores themes of mortality and carnality using meticulous technique. In her still life 'Blood Orange', the image of a partially unpeeled blood orange is set against an expanse so thick and dark it nearly swallows the canvas whole. Elsewhere, a human skull juxtaposed with ripe fruit and soft leather provides a brilliant study in contrasts.  

Bringing classic still life symbolism into the modern world, White expands upon a graphic vocabulary set forth centuries ago, all the while retaining the same virtuosic benchmarks. Two worlds are bridged, and our cultural fixations with life and death continue. White elevates her aesthetic to new levels with this latest collection of oil paintings and the results are purely stunning.

The opening reception for 'Vanity of Vanities' will be held at Stephanie Chefas Projects on Friday, November 3rd from 7-10pm. Stephanie Chefas Projects is located in Portland, Oregon at 305 SE 3rd Avenue on the second floor of the Urban Row building. The exhibition will be on view through November 25, 2017 and is free and open to the public.



Marnie White (b. 1979) currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College Ontario of Art and Design. White has been exhibited extensively throughout Canada as well as Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. In addition to her gallery work, she has been featured in several publications including the Strokes of Genius book series, International Drawing Annual, and Drawing Magazine.