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Kellen Chasuk (b. 1995, Napa, CA.) is currently based in Portland, OR while pursuing a BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art. She aims to digest identity and artifice through the manipulation of conventional and experimental practices. Chasuk has exhibited work locally at various DIY venues, PNCA as part of the school’s participation in NCECA 2017, Bay Space, and Stephanie Chefas Projects.


I make art that aims to untangle my ever-changing view of the world as I move into adulthood through representation of everyday thoughts, objects, and textures. Humor is essential to understanding the work- as it is rooted in self-awareness and offers essential room for growth. Most of the subject matter is derived from an accumulation of visual and academic knowledge related to anything from television, advertising, fabric patterns, art history, to gender and personal relationships, plus finding wherever I fit in. Creating a visual response allows me to hold on to my own warped view of things and creates agency for myself and the viewer. My intention is to call attention to the subjectiveness of the human experience through manipulating traditional painting, sculpture, and media techniques. The output being, hopefully, a moment of reflection, a laugh, a relatable discomfort, or a newfound comfort.