Four Men Talking

oil on board

10.25 x 13.25 inches framed


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Kathy Osborn spent most of her life and career in Brooklyn, NY, where she gained a reputation as a dedicated painter with a unique style and equally unique brand of wit. Her sense of humor paired with her distinctive palette earned her a tenure as a cover page contributor to New Yorker Magazine. Her cover pieces for the New Yorker perfectly complemented the magazine's own brand of humor and sophistication. Kathy also illustrated a number of books and held shows and various local art galleries while living in Brooklyn. 

After recently relocating to Hudson, New York, Kathy further explored her latest passion: designing modern dollhouses. The sleek and forward-thinking results stood in direct contrast to the vintage and ornate style of dollhouses that most people are used to seeing. Inspired by her latest endeavor, Kathy in turn uncovered a new dimension in her work as a painter when she began using the dolls and dollhouses as the subjects. By staging different scenarios using the various rooms and figures in her dollhouses, her painting style evolved into something that borders on unsettling in the best of ways. Completely gone from her work is the former injection of wit--what's taken its place is a fuller illustrative style that begs for repeat viewings and emanates with a mysterious stillness.