Lush As the Underside of August

acrylic, paperclay and gouache on wood

9 x 12 inches



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"My work is about the awkward moment, the time in between feeling comfortable and melting in embarrassment. These fleeting ideas floating in my boiling blood, laid out in creamy texture and sweeping lines are a tangible translation of life, as it exists inside. There is a satisfying serenity involved in visually mapping emotions. Painting is a way to organize these thoughts, to deconstruct confusing emotions, to process life, to slow down and make sensations tangible. Feelings change, and I am attached to the idea of the non-committal painting. I paint in sections, small pieces that are meticulously cut and arranged to form complete thoughts. I have the power to move and arrange images as I see fit. Using multiple techniques, I organize pictures to explain an intuition, where each process provides me with it's own separate satisfaction. Each piece is a choreographed dance, an emotion laid out in ink, suspended in animation, balancing on pinheads. These paintings are records in time, and are carefully curated questions to myself. Each one acts as a puzzle of feelings in times of sedation, seduction, elation, anxiety and obsession."