Amateur Occult Club Yes

pen / emulsion on wood

60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 inches)


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Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to announce AMATEUR OCCULT CLUB, a new solo exhibit from UK artist David Bray. Bray is well known for transcribing a psychoactive iconography through the lens of singular imagery and his unique DIY aesthetic. Utilizing basic drawing tools and found materials, Bray explores the full spectrum of his inner fantasy world and the result is a striking combination of naïve art and wild imagination. 

Bray's recent work finds him traversing the darker recesses of his own imagination in an effort to seek understanding and possibly even refuge from a world of confusion. Joining Bray for the ride this time around is his alter-ego, Georg Lubitzer. Together they foray into the Other, which signifies a fearless exploration of the unknown. In Bray's own words, "Nothing makes sense any more. I want it to make sense. Georg Lubitzer and myself decided to seek answers...we set up the AMATEUR OCCULT CLUB to give our search a framework...this body of work is the visual diary of that research and our journey through the Other."

Bray has a long history of reaching for the furthest stars by plunging deep into his own psyche or the collective psyche of the UK underground. His work represents a painstakingly minimalist approach to an array of fantasies and features characters drawn from the well of acid house culture. His influences range from the photography of Helmut Newton to the paintings of Gustav Klimt to stripped down aesthetic of punk music.

Bray summarizes the philosophy behind his art as such: "The work I do is based on that punk ethos--punk with a small 'p'. Just make something. Use what you've got. That's why I use biro pens stolen from the bookies: paint with tippex, highlighters, stolen paint from DIY stores, found wood...whatever implement is available immediately, right now, no excuses. It's about utilizing the ordinary and everyday to create something beautiful."