acrylic gouache on wood

20 x 16 inches


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Ayumi Takahashi's multi-cultural upbringing makes her art visually 'border-less'. She believes that art is educational and powerful, and as an artist, Takahashi uses her artistic ability to convey the message of love and happiness. Her work exudes child-like moments that are joyful, bright in color, and calm, and as a result, reminds us of the goodness in our lives and in ourselves.

Takahashi's work is influenced by ancient Chinese paintings, Japanese woodcut prints, Pop, Folk, Memphis, and fashion and textile design. Her deceptively simple work is in constant balance between concentrated sophistication and innocent simplification. A graphic approach to composition and pattern making, bold colors, and abstract shapes are key components in her work and practice.

Ayumi Takahashi (b. 1985) was born in China to a family of artists and at the age of 12 moved to Japan where she was introduced to the nuances of Japanese culture. Takahashi came to the United States and received her BFA in Illustration Fine Art at Art Center college of Design in California. In addition to her time at CalArts Art Center, Takahashi also studied at Central Saint Martins in London.