Call for Peace

graphite, gouache, and quill on paper

18 x 14 inches (20 x 16 inches framed)


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Ana Bagayan’s paintings of wide eyed girls, anthropomorphous animals and preternatural creatures exceed the limits of the real. The beautiful strangeness of her vision suggests, nonetheless, a distinct feeling of human pathos, both affectively compelling and relatable. Combining the innocence and darkness inherent to fantasy, her work captures the uncanny ambivalence of the surreal. Thematically, the works explore a myriad of encounters and transformations. The artist taps into an imaginative ethos compelled by the freedom of possibility; equal parts magic realism, apparition and intergalactic invention. With an interest in everything from the extra terrestrial to the ghostly, her new work draws from the inexhaustible potential of imagery to invoke the vastness of worlds beyond our own.

Bagayan has used the term “futurealism” to refer to her own work; an idea that appropriately suggests the sense of futurity, expansiveness and beautiful incongruity in her ever evolving output. An artist with a mutable approach to the formal and stylistic execution of her painting, Bagayan demonstrates an experimental desire to continue evolving it dynamically. Bagayan’s work is best described as a lingering haunting of possibility; spectral and yet close, and constantly emerging from beneath and beyond.