Object #6

acrylic  on found tin cans

~ 10 inches in height 

$350 (set)


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Adrian Landon Brooks' latest body of work presents universal themes of love, loss, and redemption placed within unique surreal worlds that transcend race or creed. Influenced by the purity of Folk Art, Brooks strips illustrations to their minimalist core and uses found materials such as wood, metal, and old photographs as repurposed canvases to instill an underlying sense of history for each piece. In his paintings, huge statuesque heads hover over multi-color blocks while hands of worship float into the void. Sorrow and yearning are conveyed through the hunched postures of his figures and captured through ceremonial acts of giving and receiving. Each scene offers a fragmented tale and forces viewers to immerse themselves into the framework of the narrative.

Adrian Landon Brooks (b. 1983) studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives and works in Blanco, Texas. Brooks works predominately in the mediums of painting and illustration, using found materials such as wood, metal, and old photographs as his canvas. He served an internship at the McClain Gallery in Houston and has exhibited in Houston, Austin, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and Amsterdam. In addition to his gallery work, Brooks has been included in museum exhibitions at The Contemporary Austin and Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMOA). Brooks has also been featured in Juxtapoz, VNA, and selected into the West #126 issue of New American Paintings.