SOLO EXHIBIT | MAY 4 - 26, 2018


On May 4th, Stephanie Chefas Projects welcomes the return of Texas-based artist Adrian Landon Brooks in 'More Revery', a new series of paintings that take on universal themes of love, loss and redemption through the use of found materials. With his latest work, Brooks continues to explore his unmistakable iconography, which hails from both the mystic and folk traditions. Gilded suns, space portals, and vibrant earth formations occupy his vast landscapes and serve as monuments to something greater than ourselves. Consequently, each piece is as personal as it is universal, fusing individualized symbolism with archetypes as ancient as civilization itself. 

In 'More Revery', Brooks once again redefines classic mythology through his resoundingly singular aesthetic. Seen in various states of worship or repose are stunningly rendered figures, their gazes and movements enraptured. Equally worthy of note is Brooks' expert use of color and precise linework that is off set by the gnarled pieces of wood and rustic found objects the artist uses for his canvas.To observe the work is to enter a thoroughly realized world complete with its own rituals and symbols. Each viewer is thereby encouraged to leave part of his or her own world behind, if only for moments at a time.      

In Brooks' own words, "The scenes captured in 'More Revery' show the transition between two different realities using cosmic structures, hands of worship and blank wooden backgrounds. The high contrast between the bare wood and painted imagery creates a surreal environment detached from our current time and place. The slumped-over bodies depict an awkward sense of discomfort and yearning. They are suspended in transitional acts of giving and receiving. The scenes show a before-and-after story not completely revealed to the viewer."

The opening reception for MORE REVERY will be held at Stephanie Chefas Projects on Friday, May 4th, from 7-10pm. Stephanie Chefas Projects is located Portland, Oregon at 305 SE 3rd Avenue on the second floor of the Urban Row building. The exhibition will be on view through May 26th, 2018 and is free and open to the public.